This Opti Dolly is powder coated to provide years of maintenance free service while looking spectacular - no one will ever have trouble finding your dolly on the ramp!

Would you like a custom color?  If so, send us an email and we'll discuss your options.  We have a broad color palette available to us. Also, if you would like to see a model of it, click Here.

The areas of the dolly that may contact the boat are padded with EPDM rubber.  Solid half-moon shaped pieces are glued and mechanically fastened to the frame while the vertical dolly support is padded with EPDM foam.  Both have UV Inhibitors in them to insure long term performance when exposed to sun, sand, and salt water.  Our axle uses our Patent Pending Axle Adapter to allow the user to convert the axle from 5/8" to 1" or vice versa.  The dolly is shipped using the 5/8" axle configuration to match our 5/8" hub equipped wheels.

The longitudinal frame is attached to the axle frame using a welded bracket assembly that bolts through the axle frame.  The bolts are secured with wing nuts which provides for easy removal when traveling with your dolly from regatta to regatta.

Our dolly is constructed using welded handles and inserts and uses through bolting for wobble free use!

SKU : 10140
Price range : 275.00 to 305.00
(Excl. 8% tax)
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