Our 2 boat rack for OptimistĀ® sailboats is here! Made entirely out of aluminum and using welded and through bolted attachments, the rack is lightweight, sturdy, and can be moved easily one person.

The rack is also very easy to assemble; two people can put the rack together in under 15 minutes! Manufactured in the USA, this rack will bcushioningonoptiracke a quality purchase for decades to come.

The rack is shown below is with powder coating. Tough EPDM rubber cushioning is available to attach to the fore and aft supports. (See Photo at right)  The horizontal supports fit in between welded stubs and are then through bolted to make sure they stay in place.  Mid longitudinal aluminum runners allow easy loading and unloading by one person. All necessary hardware for rack assembly is provided with the kit.

The rack attaches to the trailer by means of custom designed feet attached to customer installed 2 x 8 cross members (Trailer and cross members not supplied).


This rack is very versatile, designed to fit comfortably in the bed of a pickup and be used as a stationary rack.optirackinpickup

If you are purchasing for a club and would like custom colors, let us know.  We have access to a broad color palette and can even do separate colors for the sides and front and back boat supports. 

Do you need a custom size or other configuration?  Just ask and we will work with you to design and build what you need!