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Replacement Kit For SEITECH Angled Axle Bracket

  • Replacement for Seitech® Angled Axle Bracket & Original Axle Spindle.
  • Achieve permanent repair with aluminum replacement bracket and axle spindle by Tech 4 Designs, Inc.
  • Opti Dollyly: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">Fits existing holes in your Seitech axle frame. Stainless steel fasteners... just bolt on and go.
  • Kit replaces original Bracket and original Axle Spindle.
  • Kit includes Bracket, 3 Hex Head Bolts, 2 Shoulder Washers, 4 Washers, 3 Nylon-insert Lock Nuts, and new CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machined Axle Spindle.

Strap bracket repair kit Insert spindle2 Insert bracket3


 Insert bracketsecure Strap Bracket Repair

NOTE: This porduct is not manufactured or distributed by SEITECH Products, owner of the registered trademark SEITECH®.



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Replacement Kit for Seitech Axle T-Bracket

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Brand Tech 4 Designs, Inc
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3" Wide Sling For Laser Sailboat dolly

 Laser Dolly Sling


This is a 3" wide replacement strap for Tech 4 Designs Laser Dollies.

  • The strap is made out of heavy duty non-stretch polyester
  • Won't bleed color onto the bottom of your boat
  • Overall length: 62"
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Stainless Steel Wheel Bearing

Boat Dolly Wheel Bearing


This is our stainless steel roller bearing used in our Beach Wheel

  • Also fits the Seitech Type A wheel as a replacement product.
  • Stainless Steel Needle Bearings provide maximum durability and corrosion resistance, even in saltwater environments. 
  • Allows dolly wheels to roll more easily on any surface.
  • 60mm length.
  • Fits 1" axles.

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Replacement Handle Grips

  • Made from dense foam padding.
  • Designed for maximum comfort and traction while launching or pulling out your dolly.
  • The grip is 5 3/8" long and fits best over a 1" tube.
  • These grips come standard on all Tech 4 Designs dollies.
  • Each unit below is a pair.
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Brand Tech 4 Designs, Inc
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V-Bow Support

Replacement V-Bow Support for use on Tech 4 Designs, Inc., DYNAMIC®, and SEITECH® dollies.

  • Made from sturdy EPDM rubber with UV stabilization to ensure long lasting service.
  • Fits over 1.5" x 1.5" square tubing found on Tech 4 Designs, Inc., SEITECH and DYNAMIC dollies.


NOTE: DYNAMIC® is a registered trademark of Dynamic Dollies And Racks, LLC.

           SEITECH® is a registered trademark of SEITECH Products

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