• Replacement for Seitech® Angled Axle Bracket & Original Axle Spindle.
  • Achieve permanent repair with aluminum replacement bracket and axle spindle by Tech 4 Designs, Inc.
  • Opti Dollyly: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">Fits existing holes in your Seitech axle frame. Stainless steel fasteners... just bolt on and go.
  • Kit replaces original Bracket and original Axle Spindle.
  • Kit includes Bracket, 3 Hex Head Bolts, 2 Shoulder Washers, 4 Washers, 3 Nylon-insert Lock Nuts, and new CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machined Axle Spindle.

Strap bracket repair kit Insert spindle2 Insert bracket3


 Insert bracketsecure Strap Bracket Repair

NOTE: This porduct is not manufactured or distributed by SEITECH Products, owner of the registered trademark SEITECH®.



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